Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Photographing Rugged Maniac

A few months back, I photographed one of the Rugged Maniac races here in Los Angeles. Usually I'm just tasked with taking photos of every racer that goes by, but this time I was a promotional shooter, which was more work, but a lot more fun. I essentially wandered the whole course looking to make great shots of people interacting with the obstacles.

It was a scorcher of a day that I overdressed for, but I thankfully brought along my half frozen water that saved me from dropping dead on the course.

It's not a journalism shoot, but that's one of the fun parts of being my own business. I get to photograph and film a lot of different things with different objectives and it keeps things from getting monotonous. There are definitely repetitive jobs and the likes, but I work with so many different people on different things that I really get to feed the part of me that loves new challenges. That being said, I bring the same staples of my photojournalistic work into everything else I do. It's at the core of my love for photography – truth, that is. That stands especially true in a day where it's common to see images toned and filtered far beyond reality. Imagery like that really bores me. 

I had a lot of fun capturing honest moments of people having a lot of fun on a really hot day and I slept like a baby after a long days work (the best kind of sleep).

Here's some of my favorites from the day:

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