Monday, November 5, 2018

Time Out Skylent Disco in OUE Skyspace LA

I've been fortunate enough to make Time Out happy with each of the events I've covered for them over the past couple years, which means they've turned into a return customer. They've given me the opportunity to become somewhat familiar with the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles, what I believe is the tallest building in LA with 71 floors. I'm usually covering events for Time Out on the 70th floor where Skyspace, the glass slide affixed to the side of the tower, is. 

This is my second Skylent Disco I've photographed for Time Out. The fun thing about that is, after having photographed it for the first time and having photographed a few other events for Time Out, I'm familiar with what's going to be on the shot list and what I need to photograph to make them happy. With that comes some freedom from the usual stress of working for a client. Looking at this case in particular, I was able to put on the headphones at the silent disco dance party and enjoy the music. Not only did that put me in a better mood and headspace, but I think it made me blend in a little more and make better photographs. I got what I needed and then I just tried to find some fun moments and try out some things I hadn't previously. I even stayed longer than I needed to because I was enjoying myself and there were still a few pictures I knew could be made.

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