Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm entering three of these in a contest. I haven't been receiving feedback on any of them and so I'm just lost as can be when it comes to deciding which of the three I'll be choosing. 

Here's the "criteria" for images for the contest:

Center Forward

Photography, perhaps more than any other medium, seems inextricably linked to an increasingly complex modern world constantly unfolding in new and unexpected ways. Its ability to capture our cultural changes, the environments we inhabit, and the thoughts we keep play a vital role in giving us greater insights into our world and ourselves. In the 2012 Center Forward exhibit we are interested in exploring this unique quality of photography, therefore the theme is open and all subject matter is welcome."

Please help me figure out which three of these images I should enter.These are all rough edits. I will be cropping out the film edge but putting a black border around the images. Any opinions would be appreciated!















Monday, June 4, 2012

If you haven't likes Justin Stewart Photography on Facebook...

Do it!

You can also see more of my work on my official website:

Vegas - Some Travel Shots

I have an ungodly amount of scanning and dusting to do, ranging from shots from Africa, Amsterdam, Germany, San Francisco, and Missouri. Here's some of the first ones I've finished. These are from my Christmas trip to Las Vegas. 
All shot on Kodak film in my Holga. Color balanced.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The book Khwisero was created over the 2011 summer as I traveled to Khwisero, Kenya as a member of Engineers Without Borders (also known as EWB). This book is a documentation of all the work EWB has done with schools in the Khwisero district. It contains portraits of all the head teachers of the schools EWB have implemented projects at. It also contains pictures of all the projects as well as the history of EWB’s work in Khwisero. The club can use the book for many purposes. They’ve already started to use it as a teaching tool for new members. The book was created in a platform that allows for additions to be added to the book by future members and the book can continue to be a valuable resource for the club as long as they see fit.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally finished my book

Worked my butt off for 7 months trying to get this done. Still trying to figure out how to make it so I can sell the soft cover instead of just hard cover, as the hard cover costs an arm and a leg. Click the link to check out the first 30 pages.