Wednesday, August 2, 2017

4th of July at Kentucky Lake

Water skiing, a pig roast, and various other slices of Americana made up my 4th of July this year at Kentucky Lake in - you guessed it - Kentucky. I spent a few days in Kentucky with my lovely girlfriend and her equally enjoyable family, giving a summer lake house one last hurrah before her grandparents sell it. 
Most days were marked by light rainfall, but we had a cloudless 4th where I managed to make the most of the sunshine turn a fine shade of lobster red. There was a lot of laughter and storytelling and trying to surmise the experience in a short blog post wouldn't do it justice. 
The moment I found myself most lost in was the pig roast, where the white noise of countless simultaneous conversations allowed me the space to tune in with my camera and study a curiosity I'd never been a part of before. It was interesting to watch how everyone interacted with the pig in various ways, each of the children having their own curiosities and feelings about the pig - poking and prodding and looking it over. I found myself caught up in their explorations of it, thinking about the gears at work in a young kids minds as they explore the ideas of death and life and food. 
I had planned to post these photos much earlier but a whirlwind of a month followed the 4th and they fell to the wayside in the hustle of life. But, I'll save that for my July recap post.
Thanks for reading and looking.

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