Monday, June 23, 2014


Oregon coast
 I was briefly in Yahats, Oregon a week ago for a friend's wedding. It was nice to see a couple friends that I haven't seen since high school, basically. I took out the 50mm and showed it some love, seems as it's a beautiful lens that's been neglected since I received my 24-70mm.

Amazingly enough, the only day it didn't rain was the day of the wedding. The wedding was beautiful, and I was fortunate enough to meet and house with a bunch of lovely English people (Lawrence, family, and friends) who kept the laughs perpetually coming.

Here's some personal pictures I took while on the trip. Next up I'll be doing the wedding photos, but that requires actually finishing those first. This was a bit of a warm up session to prepare me for that editing massacre.

May the photo gods bless me with some perfection and speedy editing.

Home for those few days.
Lawrence & Phil perfecting the running jump to piggy back maneuver.
Lawrence & Shanelle

 And a miniscule preview of the upcoming wedding post...

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