Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Days of State Wrestling

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I was lucky enough to shoot my first state wrestling championship here in Columbia a few weeks ago. While I'm not an avid sports fan, or a big fan of shooting sports all the time, I think it's an easy thing to shoot and you can make some really fun pictures while doing it.

I've never shot a state tournament of any sort, but I knew how emotional any state championship could be. I was excited to shoot something where emotions would be running high. I was also interested in shooting a sport I participated in for seven years of my childhood (I say participated because I was awful), a sport that was my high school's pride and joy.

There were certain matches I was supposed to shoot, but I kept my eyes open for anything that I found interesting - I followed my curiosity and eye. It was fun. I was shooting for myself and for a paper. Half the photos in this post weren't published, but I love 'em. Tears, frustration, celebration, and cool lighting. What more can you ask for?

So glad to have had so much fun with a professional opportunity. I'm looking forward to doing the same this week as I shoot state basketball.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for giving me the time to read and look! 

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