Monday, December 12, 2011

Travel Synopsis part 2

 View from the shower in Amsterdam.
 Taking off in the plane headed for Kenya

 First night in Nairobi at the hostel.
 Walking downtown in Nairobi
 A vendor at the market in Nairobi.
 View of downtown Nairobi from the University.
 Waiting for the bus to Khwisero in Nairobi.
 Arriving at Jackson's house in Khwisero.
 EWB office in Khwisero.
 Fruit one of the kids at the school gave me.
 Tree from a walk with Ryan, Pony, and our guide Safina.

 Waiting for the flight back out of Kenya after we missed our first flight.
 Still waiting. Enjoying one of the last Tuskers I'd have and editing photos.

 He didn't think I could get the photo.... HA
 You bet your silly ass that's bubblicious in my hat.
 Too much flying.

 Waiting in Amsterdam on our layover.

 Flying over Greenland.
 Waiting in Minneapolis airport for the flight back to Bozeman.
 Stuck on the plane for half an hour after landing. It's now past midnight. We just want to get off.
Finally back home.

Travel Synopsis part 1


Leaving Bozeman.

 On the way to Amsterdam.

 Waiting on a plane in Frankfurt. They gave us a chocolate bar while we were grounded because of a lightening storm.

 Churches in Nurenberg.

.... & Stevi (right)

 "Work Will Set You Free" Dachau
"You are without rights, dishonorable and defenseless. You're a pile of shit and that is how you're going to be treated." From the address of the protective custody camp leader, Josef Jarolin, to the new Dachau prisoners.
 "Bubblebath" Gas chamber. Dachau's was never used.

 Dinner with the Germans.
 "No beer before 4"
 Flat in Amsterdam.
Just before boarding the plane the Kenya.