Tuesday, March 4, 2014

True/False Film Festival

I had the fortune of partaking in the True/False festival this past weekend, partially from behind the lens. It was a fun. Definitely a more tiring experience than I had expected, but worth it. I saw eight great films and made some mental notes for future work of my own.

There aren't many news assignments that fall in my lap, so I used the festival as an opportunity to work on shooting something other than sports. A 24-70mm lens I ordered via eBay arrived in time to shoot with, though it arrived in poor enough shape that it will certainly be returned. I was still able to work with it through the festival.

Anyways, here are some shots from the festival.


Couldn't figure out why this guy kept catching my attention, besides his somewhat strange demeanor. After grueling brain swimming, I figured out he's a doppelganger of an actor I recognized from the 90's: Taylor Negron. The specific movie that I remembered him from? Angels in the Outfield.

Crowd surfing during Buskers Last Stand to close out the T/F festival...

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