Thursday, July 12, 2018

Time Out Los Angeles Bar Awards

Last month I photographed both the Time Out San Francisco and Time Out Los Angeles Bar Awards. Here's my take from the LA event, where I worked in the US Bank Tower (for the 3rd time – such a cool place to work). This work is a little different than I'm usually doing, with the first 30 minutes or so being about making product/promo shots of sponsors' alcohol and the likes before people show up. It's a tight window to try and set multiple things up that are visually appealing. That being said, it's a really fun challenge, and once I've survived that, I'm on autopilot and working on just making fun photos of the event. 

And enjoying the bomb view of the entirety of Los Angeles. 

And watching the poor people crawling through traffic on the 101...

Anyways, here's some of my favorite photos from the night shooting for one of my favorite clients:

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