Friday, December 9, 2016

November Protest at Los Angeles City Hall

November was a busy month, covering election related things. A lot of my work since moving here has been covering breaking news - with video. It's pretty uninteresting stuff and doesn't allow for much creative freedom. After having done a few of these videos, I've figured out what is wanted of me and feel more comfortable knowing what' needed, meaning that my coverage is more flexible.

I can take photographs too.

So, when the news is more interesting, like a protest, I'm also working on taking photographs. Usually multitasking is a quality depriving option; shooting a good video and making good photographs is a hard task. A protest is a little easier because it's a fairly predictable thing and unmoving. Sometimes something is going to be lit on fire or the crowd is going to start marching, but for the most part, it's a static thing. You can set up your video shot, take it, and then get almost the same shot in stills (except for moments where things are being torched - you gotta pick then). 

Anyways, this opportunity came up and I wanted to shoot some stills that allowed me more creative freedom than the video I was hired to shoot, so I made some on the side.

I was interested in the vendor out, finding work in the midst of a protest and seeing the opportunity to earn some money. I like playing with using my phone to shoot photos and video and thought I'd try to make a little video highlighting the vendor with my phone, just to experiment:

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