Saturday, May 28, 2016

Making a Home in Los Angeles

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Twenty-two days ago, I moved to Los Angeles. I wasn't sure what to expect from a city I'd never visited and only knew through films and television. It wasn't a city I ever really imagined I'd be in, save for that one time as a child as I begged my mom to take me to Hollywood so I could become a child actor (that kid in Home Alone 3 had no talent and I knew it).

Everything has been so much better than I had imagined. This is the second largest city in America, but plants are everywhere. Driving half an hour north, I can go for a hike. Driving 15 minutes west, I can touch the ocean. Driving a few hours south, I can go to Mexico. My apartment complex is full of friendly people. Every time I leave the house, something catches my eye that I have to photograph. 
I've spent half my time inside, redesigning my website after changing providers, but I've gotten to venture out a few times and am looking forward to wandering more streets.

Here are some shots from a couple of my early outings. Thanks for looking!

Red Rock Canyon

Santa Monica Pier

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  1. You will do great things Justin! Thank you for sharing!