Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolution: Make Better Portraits

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One last post for the year. 

I've been playing catchup on all the months I've missed in posts. It was a busy semester and the chaos was all-consuming. Finally, though, I've caught back up (or at least come close enough).

Looking forward to 2016, I want to improve my portrait game. It's one of my biggest weaknesses and anxieties. How do you form a bond with a stranger in such a short time? What lighting do you use? How do you make a boring situation better?

There's a lot of improvement to be had. There's also a lot of practice to be had. I have a tendency to avoid portraits.

No more. 2016 is the year of the portrait.

Here's to making better photos in general. And here's some of the portraits I made in 2015 in approximate chronological order. Thanks for looking through another blog post! It's my last one for the year... and hopefully until the end of January.

I should also make a resolution not to fall behind on these posts again... Happy New Years!

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