Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Year In Review

The past year has been a long and winding road that had me looking at moving to South Korea to teach English or Ohio to further my education, but settling on staying in Missouri to begin the pursuit of my Masters in Photojournalism.

In August I left my job of two years at the Columbia Daily Tribune and threw myself back into school. It's been a long but fruitful first semester and I look forward to continuing to see myself grow throughout the rest of my time here.

Recently, I started a part-time job as a photojournalist in Jefferson City. This has been a great experience and one I hope to continue to milk for all the knowledge I can.

Here's my year in mostly chronological order. Forgive the overflow of images, but I wanted the full feel of my year and I didn't feel I could do that without including all these shoots. I also chose to leave out my video work. Why? I haven't posted all of it to my own Vimeo and am too worn out to get to that right now. 


Happy New Years

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