Monday, September 8, 2014

Cleaning off the card: Boone County Fair leftovers

It can be really hard to get around to editing "your photos" after shooting a bunch for the paper. And by "your photos," I mean the ones you don't publish with the paper, either because they don't work for the paper or because you just didn't get the caption information needed. These are a mixture of both. Once you've gone through and edited all the photos for the paper, you just kind of feel tired and maybe a little unmotivated to get to the rest of them. And by "you," I obviously mean me. The struggle is real.
I edited them all in Lightroom on my new laptop (yay new laptops) but didn't get to finish them in Photoshop, which is my normal workflow. This whole no DVD drive on these new laptops is a bit of a downer. Have to find a workaround to get my CS4 on here. 

But I digress...

Minus a leash, a young boy leads his freshly buzzed sheep around the arena by holding on to its neck during the Bucket Calf show at the Boone County Fair.
A woman feeds her poodle a slushy late at night during the Boone County Fair.

And a couple randoms from the farmers market in July...

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