Sunday, July 31, 2011


Checking myself for sunburns - looking sharp

Here's a few of my digital images from my trip this summer. I was in the Khwisero district in Kenya for a month documenting EWB- MSU (Engineers Without Borders) work there over the past five years. I'm making a book for them. It was quite the experience. I learned a lot and grew as a photographer as well as a person. I used my digital mainly for my project and took my fun shots with my Yashica. Still gotta develop all that film!!! Feel free to tell me what you think.

Secondary boys watching tank lowering- I like the one looking at me

Discussion at EWB's office in Khwisero

Child in a tree with Machete

Composting latrine meeting

Child with Machete

Child with Machete

Head teacher of Ebuhonga

Children at Ebuhonga

Children at Ebuhonga


Eyeglass clinic at Mundeku

Two children returning to Mundeku Primary

Texas helping lower a water tank at Ekatsumbaro
Children surrounding me as I sit down at Emwiru

Pony asking the kids "Sup?"

EWBer's and a couple Kenyan's watch Star Wars on my laptop

4th of July Celebration with Jackson's family

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