Friday, May 20, 2011

My Squashed Fruit Gum Project

Here's a small version of my Gum prints I did for my final. The process I printed them in is called Gum (Gum Bichromate). You first make 3 digital negatives for the image (you split the image in Photoshop into it's three colors red, green, and blue). For each negative there is a corresponding color of gum which you have to print it with. The three colors of gum you use are yellow, blue, and red. The average layers on the prints below is about 6. It takes approximately an hour to do each layer. Most of the time is spent waiting on the print to finish washing. I spent over 40 hours printing all of these. It was a really interesting experience and the more I printed the more I learned. I shot the pictures with my Yashica 124-G and scanned the film (Expired Fuji 160)

For those more interested in the concept, the project was a reaction to Edward Weston's "Nature Series"

 Hope you enjoy them!

Squashed Apple

Squashed Banana

Squashed Eggplant

Squashed Grapefruit

Squashed Orange

Squashed Red Pepper

Squashed Tomato

Squashed Watermelon

Squashed Yellow Pepper
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